Orgelpark Research: 'Putting the music back in musicology'

'We need to put the music back in musicology!' Nicholas Cook's well-known call, coined in his famous essay 'What is musicology' in 1999, is one of the basic beliefs behind the musicological activities of the Orgelpark. Hence, these activitities focus on organ music. Of course, organ building related themes are taken into account as well, but always in relation to 'musicking', to use Christopher Small's word.


The musicological activities of the Orgelpark are organized in subsequential projects in the 'Orgelpark Research Program', including (Dutch-spoken) Colloquia and Lecture-Recitals. The Chair Organ Musicology at VU University Amsterdam is partner of the Orgelpark; the Chair was re-established by the Orgelpark Foundation in 2010. 
After the three year Improvisation Project (2008-2011), Orgelpark Research and VU University initiated the project 'The Van Straten Organ as a Historical Document' (2012-2013), focusing on reconsidering music and music-making in the late 15th century. Since 2013, the Orgelpark Research Program is dedicated to the development and building of the New Baroque Organ, scheduled to be inaugurated in 2017.


The Orgelpark and the Free University organize each year an international symposium, in the first week of June. To strengthen the international organ related musicology network, they cooperate with other institutions, including the International Musicological Society (IMS), the International Society of Organ Builders (ISO), the Netherlands' professional association for musicology (KVNM), the Göteborg Organ Art Center (GoArt, Sweden), the Forschungsgruppe Basel für Improvisation (FBI), as well as a number of European universities and conservatories, including VU University Amsterdam, Amsterdam University, Maastricht University, Conservatorium van Amsterdam, and Royal Conservatory The Hague. 


Selected papers are published after each project in a series of e-book publications, called  Orgelpark Research Reports. Paper versions may be available on request via a print-on-demand system.


More information
The Research Program and Organ Musicology at the Free University Amsterdam are both directed by Prof Dr Hans Fidom. Contact Hans Fidom for more information.