Conlon's Call: 8 new works
a.o. Bezemer, Van Heumen, Kang & Oorebeek

Organ & Electronics

On Friday 9 and Saturday 10 November a two-day colloquium will be held with new music for the Utopa Baroque Organ. In collaboration with the composers’ collective Conlon, the Orgelpark has put out a ‘call for compositions’: an invitation for composers to get to know the new organ and to write for it. The board members of Conlon themselves were also requested to compose new work. The Utopa Baroque Organ is the first organ in the world that makes a historical inspired sound structure accessible by means of digital technology.


New compositions for the Utopa Baroque organ, written by the Conlon board members Boris Bezemer, Robert van Heumen, Ji Youn Kang and Christina Viola Oorebeek and performed by the composers themselves. The programme also includes the new compositions that have resulted from the ‘call for compositions’ put out by the Orgelpark and Conlon written by Danny de Graan, Janco Verduin, Zeger de Vos and Laurens van der Wee.


Stichting Conlon was conceived to further the development and use of new and existing midified acoustic musical instruments. These instruments are electronically controlled and have replaced the electrically and/or mechanically driven instruments made for centuries; wind-up music boxes, clocks, dance organs and other instruments to the player piano's, so fabulously successful in the 20th century. Conlon stimulates the use of these midified acoustic instruments by Dutch and non-Dutch (resident) composers and musicians by organizing workshops and concerts.


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