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The Orgelpark, a stage with a mission


The Orgelpark is an international concert hall in Amsterdam for organists, composers and other artists. The Orgelpark’s goal is to present the organ in a new way, thereby integrating it into musical life. The Orgelpark is not just a concert hall: it also engages in activities such as commissioning compositions, providing study facilities and organizing concerts, master classes and symposia. Read more about it in our (Dutch) magazine Timbres.


What can the Orgelpark offer you?

The Orgelpark aims to appeal to a broad audience with our programming: young and old, regular music enthusiasts and professionals – related to e.g. classical music, jazz, and dance. This is why we want people to feel at home at the Orgelpark. And we will do our best to make this happen. In addition to the varied program we offer a wonderful Art Deco ambiance, an intimate concert hall featuring impressive organs, beautiful and clear acoustics, and a cosy foyer. And of course we will give you a warm and personal welcome. Visiting the Orgelpark is going out at its best.


Support us

  • Help us to present the organ in a new way and to give it a place in the contemporary music scene
  • Support young talent and provide young organists with the chance to perform in a stunning ambiance


Become an Orgelpark Friend, or Vriend, for € 40,-

You will receive:

  • Our magazine Timbres twice each season
  • The most recent CD from Orgelparkrecords once each season

The Dutch Tax Authorities will consider your €40,- fee for becoming our Vriend a donation to the Orgelpark. This means that while filing your income taxes, you can deduct the amount from your income.


Become an Orgelpark Guest Friend, or GastVriend, for € 70,-

You are always most welcome as our guest in the Orgelpark, and can attend all concerts for free. That’s about 80 performances each season!

You will also receive:

  • Our magazine Timbres twice each season
  • The most recent CD from Orgelparkrecords once each season


How do you become our Vriend or GastVriend?

You can become our GastVriend or Vriend easily and quickly by clicking the relevant link below. It works in the same way as booking regular tickets. You can opt to directly pay the amount due through iDEAL, but also have the possibility to manually transfer the money to us. We will send you the CD and the latest edition of Timbres as soon as possible; from that moment onwards you are able to book and print out your free GastVriend tickets online. You will become GastVriend or Vriend for one season, and will directly support the realization of our mission by doing so. And you will get something out of it yourself! You’ll break even after attending just a few shows. 


Click here to become GastVriend

Click here to become Vriend


Do you have any questions? Or would you prefer not to book online? We are happy to help you out. You can get in touch with us in the following ways:
Phone: +31 20 51 58 111 (Tuesday–Friday, between 2.00 p.m. and 5.00 p.m.)
Or write to:  Gerard Brandtstraat 26, 1054 JK Amsterdam


Become an Orgelpark Friend

Visit all Orgelpark concerts for only 70 euros a year. By becoming an Orgelpark friend, you help us in our aim to give the organ a new place in contemporary music and allow young talent to perform in a unique ambiance.

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