Symposium 'Hyper Organ'

John Cage

‘Glorious and Shocking Sounds’ was the title of the symposium organized by Orgelpark researcher Hans Fidom from June 8 - 10, 2017. These words were used by American avantguardist John Cage to define the music by Olivier Messiaen, whom he visited in Paris in 1949.


John Cage around 1945


Hyper organ

The New Baroque Organ is the reason for the symposium; with this new instrument we not only introduce J.S. Bach's 'authentic' universe, we also equip it with a digital console that allows us to discover entire new sound worlds – with the baroque palette as a starting point. This so-called hyper organ took center stage at the symposium, attended by organists, composers and musicologists.


Radio Interview

In this Dutch interview with Concertzender Hans Fidom sets out why the hyper organ is so special. (You can move the cursor at the bottom of the screen to 1.00hr, which is when the interview starts.)


Looking back

The Orgelpark is the perfect location for an international symposium such as Glorious and Shocking Sounds. In addition to the many lectures, presentations and concerts, there was ample opportunity for all participants to exchange ideas. The international network that has originated around the hyper organ over the past years has been further strengthened after this Amsterdam meeting.


Intuitive music

Especially the contribution by Franz Danksagmüller has made Hans Fidom think. Danksagmüller has been working on research into various digital interfaces to control organs. Because a keyboard has its limitations, he has also been experimenting with Wii game controllers and touchscreen tablets to allow the player to make music using intuitive movements instead of fixed keys.


Next edition

The next symposium will take place in the Orgelpark from June 7 through 9, 2018. This symposium will be focused on the clavichord.


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