New instrument: Onderhorst cabinet organ

The Orgelpark's newest addition was put into service on May 6th of this year: the cabinet organ built by Deetlef Onderhorst in 1767, which stood in the Amsterdam Oude Kerk church for decades, barely used. 



The term 'cabinet organ' refers to the fact that this organ was built to be used in the living room: with the doors closed and the keyboard covered up, it looked just like a dresser. The story goes that these undercover looks were meant to circumvent the tax on musical instruments of the time.


Charming sound

The Orgelpark has gladly taken this new organ, which possesses a beautiful sound, into its care. The instrument has been 'reservedly' restored by Firma Elbertste Organ builders and stirs organists as well as listeners with its light, charming sound.


Get to know the new organ through the video report below:




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