The Utopa Baroque Organ is completed!

Approved by Bach

The highlight of this concert season was the inauguration of the Utopa Baroque Organ on the 21st of March 2018. The project, inspired by the organ Zacharias Hildebrandt built in 1746 in Naumburg and of which J.S. Bach himself gave approval, is now finished. The organ is extra special in that it can be played via a digital console, which makes it even more interesting for those improvising and composing.


The Utopa Baroque Organ in the Orgelpark.



After the completion Orgelpark celebrated the operationalization of the new organ with a festive week. All the different aspects of the Utopa Baroque Organ came into play during these concerts. Of course, Johann Sebastian Bach was well represented. But we also explored the possibilities of the digital console, combining all the pipes and stops with each other creating a whole new world of sound.
You can listen to the live recording of the opening concert via this link (Dutch)
In the upcoming season there will be plenty of opportunities to attend concerts during which the Utopa Baroque Organ will be used. The National Organ Day (September 8) for example, the Colloquium on October 6 or the Mozart piano concertos arranged for piano and organ on October 7. 


Video impression

Visiting musicians and our audience were very enthusiastic about the Utopa Baroque Organ, and the press also praised the new organ. This short video showcases the development and realisation of the Utopa Baroque Organ. This film is a small teaser for the longer documentary about the researching, developing and the building of this new instrument.





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