Progress of the New Baroque Organ

Bach's approval

The absolute highlight of the new concert season will be the inauguration of the New Baroque Organ on March 21, 2018. This project, inspired by the organ built by Zacharias Hildebrandt in Naumburg in 1746 (which J.S. Bach has personally approved) is nearing completion. 


In de werkplaats van Elbertse Orgelmakers

In the workshop of Elbertse Organ builders


2400 pipes

Early Summer Elbertse Organ builders will take down the 8-meters wide and over 7-meters high instrument, that they have been working on in their workshop in Soest for the past two years. It will then be rebuilt in the Orgelpark concert hall from the ground up. The remaining six months will be used to paint the woodwork and to intone over 2400 organ pipes. This last job will be done by the Japanese Munetaka Yokota, the international baroque organ specialist.


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