Composer Jan Welmers' music is characterized by great attention to detail and accessible expression. This double-CD features music inspired by Dag Hammarskjöld's diary 'Signs' among others, for choir, soprano, mezzosoprano, bariton and organ. Live recording of the concert featuring compositions by Jan Welmers, which took place at the Orgelpark on November 16, 2014.


Studium Chorale led by Hans Leenders
   Solo artists: Mette Rooseboom, soprano; An Meeusen, alt; Robert Brouwer, bariton
Ruud Roelofsen, percussion
Hester Groenleer, flute
Anton Weeren, trumpet
Marleen Wester, violin
Willem Tanke, piano
Leo van Doeselaar, Verschueren organ (Licht en donker V, Running, Sequens)
Marcel Verheggen, Sauer organ (Licht en donker IV, Psalm 72)
Jetty Podt, Verschueren organ (Passacaglia)

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