Lectures for GastVrienden

Organ Studies lectures at VU University open for GastVrienden


Orgelpark GastVrienden can attend the Organ Musicology lectures Music: Listening & Philosophy and Let's Talk Music for free at the VU University. Registration is mandatory for all courses: GastVrienden can sign up by sending an email to info@orgelpark.nl or by using this website's contact form.


Music: Listening & Philosophy

The lecture series ‘Music: Listening & Philosophy’ takes place at the VU University every two years in September, October and November (the next series starts in 2018). ‘Music: Listening & Philosophy’ is part of the VU University honors program, within which the university offers excelling students the opportunity to take courses in addition to the regular curriculum. Orgelpark GastVrienden are more than welcome; there are five spots available for each series.

‘Music: Listening & Philosophy’ focuses on listening as a prerequisite for music. What does it mean to perceive something, and what intentions play a role when listening to music? It turns out that many philosophers have thought about this, from Kant to Derrida, and Descartes to Gadamer. In this course, their thinking is linked to listening and the students' own work.


The course consists of a combination of lectures, seminars, fieldwork, presentations and written assignments. Language: English.


Sound Heritage

The Organ Musicology Chair develops the Sound Heritage course specifically for research master students of the faculty of humanities. Point of departure is the notion that historical sound concepts can be considered heritage. The core question is 'which sound concepts were considered convincing within which reference systems and with what criteria?' To keep the topic manageable, the research domain has been limited to music. The course focuses on two types of 'sound carriers': the organ and high-end sound systems. Both document what has been recorded as convincing sound in the past. A complicating factor is that sound is always perceived in the now, by our own – subjective – ears.

‘Sound Heritage’ consists of a series of lectures and seminars as well as field work: students chart networks around contemporary and relevant organ restauration projects. The course takes place every two years in the spring, starting in 2018. There are five spots available for GastVrienden. Language: English.


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