SummerCourse 2019

Minding Music :||: Making Sound 

How does music ‘work’? And: do standard approaches, like becoming really good at making music or at philosophy, still give sufficient answers to that question? In the first two weeks of August 2019, VU University Chair Organ Studies and Orgelpark Research launch a new SummerCourse, aiming at developing new thoughts about essential issues like these. The crux is the insight that 'academia' and 'artistica' are by no means separate 'bubbles'. As a consequence, the course includes music masterclasses and philosophy workshops, improvisation classes and research exercises. In short ~ Minding Music :||: Making Sound.



VU University and Orgelpark invite both academic (humanities, science) and artistic students (schools of music, art schools) to apply. The course provides a platform to meet, listen, and argue in multi-layered sessions and thus get a deeper understanding of one anothers’ worlds, ways of thinking, and ways of being artistic active. Classes include lectures, listening workshops, excursions, music masterclasses, concerts - and lots of discussions. The SummerCourse ‘laboratory’ and main location is the Orgelpark. 



John Cage: undoubtedly one of the greatest composers, musicians, and thinkers of the 20th century, always ready to challenge conventional music-making concepts, was a main source of inspiration regarding the digital side of the new Orgelpark Utopa Baroque Organ - which now in turn challenges musicians, composers, and thinkers to reconsider music and music-making time and again 



Lecturers & teachers

Lecturers and teachers include improviser Zuzana Ferjencikova (Montpellier), philosopher Alicja Gescinska, improviser/researcher Franziska Schroeder (Belfast), live-electronic musician Franz Danksagmüller, Bach expert Hans-Ola Ericsson (Montreal), composer Trevor Grahl (Amsterdam), Soundtrackcity founder Michiel Huijsman, improviser Jacob Lekkerkerker (Amsterdam), artistic research experts Peter Peters and Michiel Schuijer, and VU University organist Henk Verhoef (Amsterdam). 


End Terms

At the end of the course, the academic students are expected to do a poster presentation on how music and music education work, based on their experiences in the two weeks the course lasts; the artistic students give a concert together, in which they give short introductions to their musics. Both happenings take place at the Orgelpark. Students following the SummerCourse earn 3 ECTS. 


More Information

Please contact the Chair Organ Studies at VU University for more information. Additional information can also be found at the VU University website.



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