Componistenportret Martijn Padding

The Orgelpark could easily devote three days to the work of the Dutch composer Martijn Padding. Padding has been active as a composer, teacher and administrator for decades. As a student of Louis Andriessen, he belongs to the so-called Hague School. Padding wrote a number of notable solo concertos, that is, concertos for a solo instrument with an ensemble. This year, an organ concerto was added to this series, commissioned by the Orgelpark, and premiered earlier this week (March 7).



Members ogf the New European Ensemble

Laurens de Man, organ





You will hear, among other things, the second performance of the organ concerto that premiered earlier this week. Padding also adapted his Slow Landscape for a smaller ensemble.

  • Martijn Padding (1956) - Slow Landscape (with thunder) (premiere of the version for bass flute and ensemble, original version 2016)
  • Last Words - Short histories on nothing (premiere of the version for piano quartet, original version 2009)
  • Reve Concerto (title subject to change): concert for organ and ensemble (2024)



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