About the Orgelpark

The Orgelpark is an international concert hall in Amsterdam for organists, composers and other artists. The Orgelpark’s goal is to present the organ in a new way, thereby integrating it into musical life. The Orgelpark is not just a concert hall: it also engages in a broad range of activities such as commissioning compositions, providing study facilities and organizing concerts, master classes and symposia. Read more about it in our magazine Timbres.

The activities of the Orgelpark are made possible by the UTOPA foundation. The aim of UTOPA is the rejuvenation and stimulation of people’s creative talents, especially in cases where individuals have little means to do so.  

We look forward to welcoming you in the Orgelpark soon!
You will be most welcome,

Loek Dijkman, Chair of the Orgelpark Foundation
Johan Luijmes, artistic director
Hans Fidom, researcher / editor Timbres
Sonja Duimel, facility manager