Welcome to the Orgelpark's listening archives! You can listen to the unique music the Orgelpark has to offer below. At this moment our archives contain music from our own Orgelpark label CDs, in the future we will ad pearls from the hundreds of concerts held at the Orgelpark over the years.


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  • Other

    Frans Blanker

    Ordre de Flûte (part 5)

    Pieter de Mast

    • Date:30/09/04
    • Performer(s):Pieter de Mast
    • Composer:Frans Blanker
    • Musicians:Pieter de Mast (fluit)
    • Genre:20ste Eeuw
  • Organ Solo

    Earle Hagen (1919-2008)

    Harlem Nocturne

    Bert van den Brink

    • Date:15/01/13
    • Performer(s):Bert van den Brink (Verschueren-orgel)
    • Composer:Earle Hagen (1919-2008)
    • Genre:20ste Eeuw
  • Organ Solo

    César Auguste Franck

    Trois Pièces: Pièce héroïque, in b kleine terts

    Leo van Doeselaar

    • Date:29/09/10
    • Composer:César Auguste Franck
    • Musicians:Leo van Doeselaar (Verschueren-orgel)
    • Genre:Romantiek
  • Organ & Vocal

    Jan Raas

    Bert Voeten: Even

    Jan Raas & Sander Commandeur

    • Date:31/05/07
    • Composer:Jan Raas
    • Musicians:Jan Raas (Van Leeuwen-orgel), Sander Commandeur (vocaal)
    • Genre:Hedendaags
  • Organ & Soloist

    Jan Welmers (1937)

    Licht en Donker V (2006)

    Leo van Doeselaar & Anton Weeren

    • Date:16/11/14
    • Performer(s):Leo van Doeselaar (Verschueren-orgel), Anton Weeren (trompet)
    • Composer:Jan Welmers (1937)
    • Genre:Hedendaags
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