Medieval Organ Art

In 2012, the Orgelpark Research Program started a project on Medieval Organ Art, with a pivotal role for the Van Straten organ at the Orgelpark. The Van Straten organ was built in that year by the organ building company Reil. It represents an interpretation of the state the oldest surviving Dutch organ originally might have had; in 1479, Peter Gerritsz completed this organ for the Nicolaïkerk at Utrecht. The Gerritsz organ did "suffer" quite a few changes through the centuries; the Orgelpark Van Straten organ suggests how the Gerritsz organ originally may have sounded, uniquely containing two Blokwerks. Orgelpark Research Report #4 provides background information on the organ and related topics, as well as over one hour of music, played by major contributors to the e-book, including Harald Vogel, Christophe Deslignes, and Manfred Novak.


The three possibilities for reading this Report can be found at the right of this page. These include: online (with audio), offline (without audio) and on papier. To receive the paper version, you will be asked to fill in a form.




Harald Vogel

The Art of the Organ along the Rhine during the Transition from the Middle Ages to Early Modern Period


Wim Diepenhorst

The Gerritsz organ of the Nicolaïkerk in Utrecht


Kimberly Marshall

Is this still Medieval? Contextualizing the Van Straten Organ


Manfred Novak

The Klagenfurt Tablature: On the Brink of the Renaissance


Dominique Gatté

After Buxheim: Fragments of a Lost Organ Book in Alsace


David Catalunya

Thirteenth-Century “Organistae” in Castile


Rogér van Dijk

The Peter Gerritsz Organ of the Nicolaïkerk in Utrecht


Koos van de Linde

The original structure of the Nicolaï Organ / An alternative interpretation


Jaap Jan Steensma 

The Obscure Eighteenth-Century Roots of the Word "Blokwerk"

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