Klank en dynamiek

Orgelpark Research Report 6 documents the results of a large-scale investigation of the ways sound and dynamics can be used to determine the form of music. A substantial part of the research took place at the Orgelpark. The researcher was Klaas Hoek.


The three possibilities for reading this Report can be found at the right of this page. These include: online (with audio), offline (without audio) and on papier. To receive the paper version, you will be asked to fill in a form.


Understanding Sound and Dynamics

On September 29, 2013 Klaas Hoek presented some of his reconstructions of the lost organ works by Charles Ives, in the Orgelpark. He observed that musicians were in need of a deeper understanding of sound and dynamics. This inspired the idea to develop an annotated edition of Johann Sebastian Bach's St John Passion.

In order to lend his approach a proper basis, Klaas Hoek analysed an impressive number of sources on music, music-making, and music theory. As a result, Orgelpark Research Report 6 gives access to a previously unknown field of knowledge. 
During a colloquium annex concert in the Orgelpark on April 8, 2017, Klaas Hoek presented his edition of the St John Passion. Together with the Asko-Kamerkoor, conductor Jos Leussink, and composer Willem Boogman he performed a few parts. Consequently, he started to write down his insights. An integral part of his text are 34 audio examples, explaining what not could be explained in words.  
Orgelpark Research Report is available in Dutch and German.

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