Symposiumconcert: Franz Danksagmüller and friends

Het Internationale Orgelpark Symposium vindt dit jaar plaats op donderdag 6, vrijdag 7 en zaterdag 8 juni. Elke avond is er een concert; vanavond wordt het verzorgd door Franz Danksagmüller en zijn collega's uit en rond Lübeck. Het symposium is geheel Engelstalig; vandaar dat ook deze aankondiging verder in het Engels is.

International Orgelpark Symposium 2024

The 2024 edition of the International Orgelpark Symposium focuses on 'interfaces' in the widest sense, 'interface' being not only a useful word for the consoles that allow organists to play organs, but also for the space(s) where the fields of the organ and that of the church touch one another, if not overlap. 


New Music, Traditional Rituals

Tonight's concert addresses the latter; it is part of the afternoon session that precedes it. Organist, musician, improvisor, performer, composer, educator – etc. – Franz Danksagmüller organized both, trying to figure out how new music inspired by organs might play a role in liturgy, i.e. in religious rituals. The development of the so-called hyperorgan reveals and somehow frees the strong secular roots of the pipe organ, which spent no less than the first 15 centuries of its life outside the church. Yet the instrument is of course also significantly formed by its six centuries in church thereafter; in fact, its functions in churches inspired organ builders and organists to create the maginificent instruments especially Europe 'owns' today.


Franz Danksagmüller will invite many of his friends tonight to perform with him – as soon as we know more about the program, we will publish it here!







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