Symposiumconcert: Sound Rebellion (Oude Kerk)

Het Internationale Orgelpark Symposium vindt dit jaar plaats op donderdag 6, vrijdag 7 en zaterdag 8 juni. Elke avond is er een concert; vanavond is dat een 'Global Hyperorgan Concert', te geven door ensemble TCP/IP in zowel Amsterdam als Berlijn. Het symposium is geheel Engelstalig; vandaar dat ook deze aankondiging verder in het Engels is.



Dit sound event vindt plaats in de Oude Kerk 

This sound event takes place in the Oude Kerk




via the Oude Kerk website.  





International Orgelpark Symposium 2024

The 2024 edition of the International Orgelpark Symposium focuses on 'interfaces' in the widest sense, 'interface' being not only a useful word for the consoles that allow organists to play organs, but also for the space(s) where the fields of the organ and that of the church touch one another, if not overlap. 


Sound Event

Tonight's event does NOT take place at the Orgelpark but in the magnificent Oude Kerk, the oldest building of Amsterdam, once the place where composer Jan Pietersz. Sweelinck played: het was organist of the Oude Kerk on weekdays, as the Reformed Church (quite strict in a Calvinistic way after the Reformation) did not allow the organ to sound during religious rituals/services. Calvin himself even denounced the organ as an 'invention of the Prince of Darkness'.

Whereas Sweelinck hence was sort of a 'sound rebellion' by playing the then brand new Oude Kerk organ nonetheless, not least with music refering to secular tunes, today's Sound Rebellers go quite a few steps further, exploring the sonic possibilities that the majestic Oude Kerk  space has to offer. The four musicians (Adrian Foster, Elisabeth Hubmann, Michele del Prete, Giulio Tosti) will draw further inspiration from the exhibit A Veil as a Glaze, showing glass works by artist Ana Navas. Another link with her work is Sound Rebellion's approach to the organ as a musical object that undergoes countless influences over time, depending on its users, on hierarchies, and the contexts in that organ music reappears in today, reflecting techniques and inspirations from the past. 

Foster, Hubmann, Del Prete, and Tosti met one another during the first edition of Organ in Situ, the artistic week for hyperorganists organized by VU University Amsterdam and the Orgelpark, in 2022. The third edition of Organ in Situ is taking place next week, with another set of sound events on Friday June 14th, in the Thomaskerk in Amsterdam, near railway station Amsterdam Zuid. Sound Rebellion will perform there and then once again.


Sound Rebellion

Sound Rebellion's musicians – three organists and an electronic musician – transform socio-political issues and human experiences through sound. The themes of the collective revolve around rebellious people and activities. It does so by exploring and promoting new ways of making sound with the organ, making it take on completely new roles as an instrument – neither sacred nor profane, but rather as a mediator. Michele Del Prete blends his sound samples with the organ sounds created by Elisabeth Hubmann, Giulio Tosti, Adrian Foster; their range of instruments varying form multiple large pipe organs (in churches or concert halls) to portable instruments (in spaces that don't own a pipe organ).The encounter between new media and new organ sounds is thus translated into complex, interwoven music and sound textures.



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