Organ & Ensemble: Kate Moore


Herz Ensemble 
  Jellantsje de Vries, violin 
  Elisabeth Smalt, viola 
  Lidy Blijdorp, cello 
  Kaspar Kroner, counter tenor
  Lies Beijerinck, wooden horns 
 Tom Sanderman, saxophone
  Geerten van der Wetering, organ 
  Mei-Yi Lee, percussion 
  Laura Sandee, piano 
  Kate Moore, bass
Matthijs Koene, pan-pipes 


Featuring a series of pieces that together form a compilation of related works, The Crow and Other Short Stories are related to each other in that they glimpse at ancient legends and mythologies tied to the land and have been re-contextualised in modern settings. In this collection, the short stories are told through music, each piece resonating with a specific place, creature or natural feature. Taking inspiration from travelling bards and poets including Chaucer and Walt Whitman, who traditionally embellished their stories as they wandered well-trodden paths throughout the landscape, encountering and befriending intriguing and beguiling characters on their way, the music is filled with the vitality of adventure.



Kate Moore (1979)
- The Crow and other short stories (2019), world premiere and Orgelpark commission
- 101 (2003) 
- Ridgeway (2009) 
- Bushranger Psychodrama (2017) 
- Sliabh Beagh (2015) 
- The Dam (2015) 


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