Organ, Sax & Vocals: Up There Trio


Greetje Bijma, vocals
Alan Laurillard, saxophone
Hayo Boerema, organ

Up There performs music with the largest and most wonderful musical instrument in the world, the church organ.  The three musicians play a wide range of compositions and are specialists in the art of improvisation. Watch this video of Spoonful, one of the pieces that will be played. 



Hayo Boerema (1972)
- Fata Morgana (2017, solo Hayo)
tutti improvisation
- De eerste maanlanding
Alan Laurillard (1946)
- Ginger en Sesame (2004)
Willy Dixon (1915-1992)
- Spoonful (1960, solo Alan) 
Hayo Boerema
- Porch Smoking (2018)
Alan Laurillard
- Largo For Dou Dou (2006)
traditional Irish folksong / text Thomas Moore 1805
- The Last Rose of Summer’  
Greetje Bijma
- solo-improvisation
Hayo Boerema 
- Edgy Character (2018) 
- solo-improvisation 
Alan Laurillard
- Slam Ludwig (2018)
- U Zvulazzu (2018)
- Night Wall (2002)


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