Organ: Gesamtorgelb├╝chleinproject 2


William Whitehead, Tom Bell, John Scott Whiteley and Laurens de Man, organ


The Orgelbüchlein Project is a major international composition project to complete J.S.Bach’s Orgelbüchlein. It is curated by organist William Whitehead. The manuscript of Orgelbüchlein has 118 missing pieces, ghostly gaps with only the title penned by Bach. Each of these gaps will be filled by a new composition based on Bach’s intended melody. The new pieces, written by the most interesting composers at work today – a.o. the Dutch composers Ad Wammes, Jacques van Oortmerssen, Louis Andriessen, Dick Koomans, Piet Kee and Hayo Boerema –, will survey a range of modern styles.



Here you'll find the complete program of this concert. 


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