Internationaal Symposium Concert: Kali Malone

Kali Malone & Stephen O’Malley



Kali Malone is one of the main guests at the International Orgelpark Symposium 2022, which takes place on 9, 10, and 11 June. Theme: ORGANIC SOUNDS: NEW MUSIC ECOLOGIES. Gitarist Stephen O'Malley assists Kali Malone. 


Tonight, Kali will premiere the piece she made on and composed for the Van Straten Organ of the Orgelpark. The instrument fascinates her deeply: its Principal sound is unique in the world, transporting us back to 1479. The Van Straten Organ is an interpretation of how the oldest organ of the Netherlands, built for the Utrecht Nicolaïkerk in 1479, might have sounded and looked like. It is also a research instrument: currently, the tuning of the Principal follows a recipe conceived around 1440 by Pietro Aron. As Kali Malone is highly interested in tuning systems, this aspect also inspired her new music.


The new piece was commissioned by the Richard Thomas Foundation with support from Het Orgelpark.

The Richard Thomas Foundation ( has built a reputation for developing the careers of emerging classical composers and musicians by commissioning innovative new work, with a focus on helping composers to create, musicians to perform and audience members to listen to music in a way that engages them with new ideas and forms. 


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